The Tale of Billy the Kid's Lost Revolver 

Worth at least $500,000 if in good condition. 

This is a very rare piece of history.

We know with out a doubt he owned and used a Colt Model 1873 Army SA in 45 long (single action) and a Winchester Rifle Model 1873 44-40. We know this because both of these weapons are in Billy's possession in the only known photo of him. 

This gun was lost somewhere in southern Alabama many years ago and has yet to be recovered. 

Billy has his Colt on his left side and is holding his Winchester (which was his weapon of choice).

Billy was a known criminal, but many revere him as a hero. Many people don't know that at the age of 20, he was killed by his best friend .

 Historians and collectors have offered large sums of money for this almost priceless piece of American Outlaw history.  

Many have searched, but no one has successfully found one of the biggest collectors items in the history of the OId West.  

At auction, many believe the item could sell for five or six hundred thousand dollars, if not more. 

Many historians believe he may have also had a Colt Thunderer at one point.More than likely, he also owned a S&W Schofield in 45 S&W, known now as 45 short. Though he probably came into possession of many guns in his short lifetime, this one was the most famous and most remembered for its place in the only known picture of Billy in existence.